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Water Slide Dispatch System

This system includes two high grade adjustable range sensors with background suppression, an LED traffic light and a main control panel.

The system does not include electrical cables. See instruction manual for requirements.

The sensor mounted at the top of the slide will detect a rider has been dispatched and the traffic light will turn from green to red. Once the rider triggers the bottom sensor the traffic light will once again turn green after the ride clear timer times out.

The rider clear timer is adjustable by pressing the calibrate mode button located on the right side of the traffic light panel. The green light will flash then remain on to indicate that the system is in the calibrate mode. The system will wait for a rider to be dispatched and indicate when they have reached the bottom of the slide (RED light on). The system then waits for you to press the calibrate button once again, which sets the ride clear timer. Once the timer has been set, the green light will flash once for each second that the timer is set at. The system then will go back to the normal run mode.