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People Counters

NOTE: All of our people counters count in one direction. Battery operated counters include 2 AA batteries.

Select a people counter for your application.

Our people counter is designed to be self-contained and is battery operated. It does not require a reflector or an opposing device.

Our basic people counter includes a digital counter that can be reset.

If you would like more detailed reporting of data, the people counter with a built in data recorder will meet your requirements. Data is time-stamped hourly entry counts that can be downloaded to your PC using our included USB cable and "EZ Express" software.

Our people counting software allows you to create graphs and export data to Excel with the push of a button.

These people counters are limited to counting people walking in single file. If installed at a narrow doorway, the counting accuracy will increase.

For high traffic areas our video people counter would be a better choice.This system includes our EZ Express software and USB cable.

Our outdoor people counter also includes a data recorder. It is housed in an enclosure rated for outdoor use and has a lockable hasp.



The latest update to our battery operated counters includes protection from installing the batteries in reverse and a red LED that flashes when the batteries need replaced.